4 Things No One Tells You to Ask When Hiring a Moving Company for Your Business

It’s happened – you’ve been asked to manage your company’s relocation. Or you’ve been put in charge of handling the logistics for a restack. Perhaps you’ll be moving your manufacturing facility or your school’s library, and you’ve been asked to find the perfect moving company.

A quick search shows you the same advice, over and over – find a mover that’s licensed and insured. Find a company with good reviews. You should look for an established company to make sure you don’t end up with a fly-by-night moving company.

This is all great advice, but most of it is common sense. You want to know what you aren’t asking that you should be. We’re here to help. Here are the four questions that no one tells you to ask when you’re moving your business, but will make your life much easier, and make you look like a superstar once the move is done.

Do you offer more than moving services?

When you’re looking for a mover, it might seem strange to ask if they do more than that. However, a full-service mover or one with access to warehouses and other logistics offerings may help ease your upcoming move.

Having adequate personnel to complete a move is, of course, important and should be considered. But can your mover also store items until you’re ready for them? Can they receive and inspect new furniture and furnishings while you manage the day-to-day concerns of the move? What about IT equipment breakdown and setup? 

Other considerations you might inquire about include sustainability practices – can your moving company rent moving containers to reduce waste? – and if they offer assembly and installation services. You might not think that you need those services as you start planning your move, but knowing if your mover can handle additional needs could make your life easier down the road.

When can you do the move?

​Some companies are fine giving teams days off while a restack or relocation takes place. Others may not be able to afford the downtime. If your mover is only available during business hours, that can hamper your ability to efficiently move your teams.

Check with the companies you’re considering and see if they offer service hours at times that are convenient for your business. Moves at night or on the weekends might mean getting your relocation done with minimal disruption to your business.

Do you offer project planning and management?

You may be the one tasked with putting together a move plan, but having expert assistance to get it done right can be a welcome addition to your move resources.

Check with your mover to see if they have experienced project management specialists who have experience planning a relocation or restack similar to yours. They may be able to offer planning suggestions or detailed insights that you might not otherwise consider.

How can you help us keep an eye on costs?

Whether you’re moving to a different floor or moving to a different city, relocating business resources can be costly. Budgets for moves are great guide rails, but finding a moving company that can help you stay within that budget is important.

Ask your moving company what actions they take to help keep you on budget during the project. A seasoned mover can indicate where you can save money and point out where you’re at risk of cost overruns. They should also be able to help identify hard costs, line items that you didn’t consider, or ones that you’ve included but don’t actually need. Your moving company of choice should be a partner, not someone looking to drive up costs.

A reputable moving and storage company will have all of the things you’re told to look for when interviewing for movers, from insurance to a good reputation. But taking the time to ask the above questions will get you a great mover and a partner you can depend on.

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