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Furniture, Fixtures, and Equipment (FF&E) & Attic Stock Services

FF&E can be a challenge for hospitality and office space. New fixtures and furnishings arrive while others need to remain in place for business as usual. Receiving, building, delivering, and installing FF&E requires a tight plan and the resources to keep it closely managed. At the same time, hotels and other businesses have the need to store surplus FF&E that may be needed on short notice.

Wayne Moving & Storage has the resources to cover everything from attic stock to assembly, delivery, and installation of furnishings and equipment. With acres of storage space, a fleet of trucks, and skilled staff and project managers, Wayne has all of the pieces you need for a customized FF&E and attic stock solution.

How We Help

  • Receiving, inspection, and storage at our warehouses located throughout the Tri-State area
  • Full project management to ensure FF&E arrives when you need it
  • Phase planning and project scoping
  • Deliveries days, nights, and weekends
  • Installation and setup services
  • Long-term surplus storage of attic stock

Why Wayne?

Wayne Moving & Storage is more than just a mover. We are an end-to-end solutions provider with in-house capabilities for storage, management, assembly, receiving, delivery, and installation of your fixtures, furnishings, and equipment. Full-time staff located at our facilities means receiving and inspecting your delivers happens right away. And our project management staff is dedicated to ensuring you have the right services, at the right time.

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Need a Quote?

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