Corporate HHG Relocation

Corporate Household Goods Relocations

Corporate relocations are stressful for everyone. Employees want to know that their belongings will be cared for so they can concentrate on their families and their job during the transition. Employers need the organization and communication that brings clarity to a complicated process. From scheduling to after move surveys, companies want the best options that respect their budgets.

Wayne Moving & Storage has more than 30 years of residential relocation experience with some of the area’s largest companies. As a turnkey solution provider, we minimize the stress for both employees and corporation relocation coordinators with custom programs that meet everyone’s needs.

How We Help

  • Corporate Relocation Move Management program development
  • Cost containment strategies
  • Customizable services, including executive class and self-pack offerings
  • Dedicated support representatives and account managers
  • 24/7 customer support
  • Customized, web-based relocation portal
  • Pre-moves assessment and counseling
  • Imaged relocation documents, from estimates to invoices
  • Post-move surveys

Why Wayne?

Decades of relocation experience has lead us to develop a 20-contact point process we call “The Wayne Way”. Built on our extensive experience, this process ensures the best value and the best service and is the cornerstone of our award-winning relocation solutions. We have developed a network of trusted partners so that relocations across the state or across the world are seamless.

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Need a Quote?

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