GlaxoSmithKline (GSK) renovates Upper Merion and Upper Providence campuses

The Challenge

In an effort to modernize and renovate their existing facilities in Upper Merion and Upper Providence, GSK required a moving and storage vendor who could support the project which included: liquidating existing equipment, furniture, and fixtures; receiving, storing, delivering, and installing new equipment, furniture, and fixtures; and internally relocating employees into swing spaces and then back into their renovated space, totaling over 4,000 unique moves.

The Solution

Wayne Moving & Storage assigned project managers to each location to develop move schedules and plans to handle phased moves, with the largest phase move consisting of 800 total employees. Wayne also assigned additional personnel to a designated warehouse which would oversee the liquidation by auction of existing equipment and fixtures as well as receive and organize new product as it arrived. Wayne’s specialized Lab Teams worked with GSK scientists and OEM Service Technicians to ensure all items were prepped prior to relocation and properly placed and installed once received.

The Result

Wayne Moving & Storage minimized downtime to GSK’s operations by handling each lab separately, enabling teams at GSK to consistently have the lab space to handle their day-to-day operational needs. Wayne also minimized downtime to other employees by relocating them at night and with the help of ReloTech, disconnected and reconnected all employee PCs so that when they returned back to their workspace, they were able to work immediately without having to take the time to unpack and reconnect their PCs and peripherals.