What’s Included with a Full-Service Moving Company

Moving an organization is no small undertaking. Even if you’re just moving office staff from one floor to another, it means packing up desks and equipment for tens to hundreds of individuals and safely moving their items and the company’s to the new location.

As you investigate moving companies, you probably are wondering what the difference is in the type of movers. In particular, you might want to know what’s included with a full-service moving company. That’s a more complicated question than you might think.

What’s a typical full-service move

The question “What’s included in a full-service move?” usually comes up when considering a household move. The answer to that question seems like it should be different than the answer when relocating a business but in many cases it’s hard to tell the difference.

A full-service move is typically thought of as everything is taken care of for you – materials, packing, loading and unloading of the moving trucks, physically getting your items from one place to another, and so on.

For a corporate move, the standard is close to the same. But in reality, full-service for your company might mean a lot more than “pack and shift”.

Do you offer more than moving services?

When you’re looking for a mover, it might seem strange to ask if they do more than that. However, a full-service mover or one with access to warehouses and other logistics offerings may help ease your upcoming move.

Having adequate personnel to complete a move is, of course, important and should be considered. But can your mover also store items until you’re ready for them? Can they receive and inspect new furniture and furnishings while you manage the day-to-day concerns of the move? What about IT equipment breakdown and setup? 

Other considerations you might inquire about include sustainability practices – can your moving company rent moving containers to reduce waste? – and if they offer assembly and installation services. You might not think that you need those services as you start planning your move, but knowing if your mover can handle additional needs could make your life easier down the road.

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