Green Moving

Companies today are more aware of the environmental impact of their business operations. From using less paper by encouraging employees to print less to improving manufacturing processes to reduce waste and pollution, organizations are keeping their eye on the ball when it comes to staying green.

That careful attention doesn’t need to be put on pause when you’re moving your business. There are lots of actions that can be taken to reduce the impact of moving into new a new space, whether it’s an office, manufacturing operations, a school, library, or laboratory.

Go for reusable containers

Anyone who has ever moved is familiar with the stacks and stacks of cardboard boxes left over once everything is unpacked. Sure, those boxes can be reused and recycled, but cardboard boxes can only take so much abuse and still be usable.

Instead, organizations that are moving and being environmentally friendly at the same time should consider the advantages of reusable crates. Some commercial relocation companies offer the option to rent strong, secure, and easy to move crates, like e-Crates. Renting e-Crates for your corporate relocation has a number of advantages.

  • e-Crates are durable, lockable, and the perfect size for files
  • These crates are purpose-built for moving, which means they fit perfectly on dollies and snugly in moving vehicles – meaning fewer or smaller trucks are needed for moves
  • Because they are durable, e-Crates are used over and over again, reducing waste and the number of paper materials consumed during a move

Recycle… and not just packing materials

We all know the big three of being green – reduce, reuse, and recycle. When you’re moving your company, though, recycling can mean more than your boxes and packing materials.

It’s not uncommon for companies, schools, and libraries to purchase new furniture and furnishings when moving to a new space. While those items are being installed and customized for your new space, your old furniture can find a new home. Donating used furniture can help local charities, giving them something to sell or use themselves. Donating also means fewer items end up in a landfill. It’s a win-win for everyone, including the environment.

Office furniture that can’t be reused can be recycled. Your moving company should be able to help you with both donations and recycling. Ask them what their policy and services are when you’re considering hiring a mover.

Stage in your new furnishings

This might not seem like it will do much for the environment. And in the “2-day delivery standard” world we live in, companies might not think twice about having multiple shipments bring in their new furnishings, supplies, and office equipment at different times and days. Things like rush delivery and multiple deliveries can increase your carbon footprint.

If you’ll be having furniture, furnishings, and equipment delivered to your new space, consider looking for a moving company that can receive shipments for you and deliver everything at once. Not only will you reduce the need to plan and deal with shipments as they come in while dealing with the complexities of a corporate move, but you can have everything delivered at once. A warehouse and storage facility has trucks delivering and picking up frequently, so trucks that arrive are less likely to be partially full and are more environmentally friendly.

It’s great that organizations are paying attention to their impact on the earth and the air. There is no reason to stop being committed to green practices just because you’re relocating your business. Choose a moving company that cares as much as you do about sustainability and offers the services that make being green simple.

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