Qlik Technologies relocates from Radnor to King of Prussia

The Challenge

Qlik Technologies needed to relocate over 62,000 square-feet of office and technology space from Radnor to King of Prussia in a single weekend due to landlord rules at the Radnor location and construction delays at the King of Prussia location. In addition, the origin space in Radnor would need to be cleaned out and left in broom-swept condition by the end of the same move weekend. In total, the move would require 44 trailer loads.

The Solution

Wayne Moving & Storage had the resources needed to accomplish a move of this size during the short window provided. Wayne’s ReloTech division handled all disconnection, packing, unpacking, and reconnection of desktop and server room IT equipment, allowing Wayne move crews to focus on the physical aspect of the project. Wayne also had to adapt to changing conditions at the King of Prussia facility, as construction was being completed during the move and contents had to be staged and redelivered to allow construction crews to have the access they needed to finish.

The Result

Utilizing multiple crews and shifts, Wayne worked around the clock to simultaneously clean out the origin space while combating ongoing construction at the destination space. Wayne Moving & Storage was able to utilize multiple vendors to assist in the cleanout of the origin space, allowing Qlik to avoid any lease extension penalties. All of this was accomplished allowing Qlik to minimize disruption to its employees and customers.