Jenkins Law Library relocates to new space in Center City

The Challenge

Jenkins Law Library had to relocate over 19,000 linear feet of books and volumes to a new space within a 15-day window, with the new space being renovated during the same window. The volumes being relocated included sensitive contents such as rare book and microfiche collections. At the end of the 15-day window, the origin space had to be completely vacated in order to avoid any penalties.

The Solution

Wayne Moving & Storage created a move plan to adhere to the tight window, as well as labeling systems to ensure all volumes were relocated correctly. Wayne worked directly with contractors and installers to ensure volumes were relocated as soon as their destination locations were available. The relocation was accomplished in a phased-approached that allowed areas of the old space to be decommissioned while areas in the new space were made available to Jenkins.

The Result

Jenkins Law Library was relocated within the allotted window and received no penalty for lease termination delays. All volumes were relocated and placed by Wayne personnel without issue and the chain of custody created for volumes allowed them to be available even in transit.