New Location Meant Relocation Consolidation for Comcast

The Challenge

Philadelphia-based Comcast, a multimedia conglomerate ranked in the top 50 companies on the Fortune 500 list, needed to consolidate several locations across the area to a single building. The new CTC Building consisting of 58 floors and over one million square feet of space.

To reduce the impact to business operations, the move needed to occur on a tight-timeline and required relocating over 3500 employees from five different locations to the new building. The move also included relocation and the disconnection & reconnection of desktop IT equipment and peripherals.

The Solution

Comcast partnered with Wayne Moving & Storage to plan the complicated and massive move ensuring that all employees had a seamless experience. The move plan consisted of 35 phases that were tightly planned and executed.

Coordination between Wayne Moving & Storage, the Comcast move coordination team, and Liberty Property was essential. Wayne worked closely with Liberty to secure access to docks and to schedule elevator usage that minimized the effect on regular building operations.

The Result

Wayne completed the move for Comcast with zero downtime for its employees. The detailed information provided the week of their move to each user kept teams informed and helped each of the 35 move phases happen smoothly. Post-move surveys were provided to all employees to verify contents arrived properly and that IT equipment was set up correctly. In all, the six-month relocation of over 3500 employees was completed on-time and on-budget.